5 Unique Gifts for Him

We all know finding the perfect gift FOR HIM, is quite cumbersome and quite frankly a pain in the ass. However, in my time as a gift expert (PS – It’s a self-proclaimed title) I have learnt that curating the perfect gift box for him comes easy if you focus on the little things. The following ideas are not just appealing to the eyes but also to the wallet.

1) A Cricket Fanatic

Cricket has a bat and a ball; these two elements can be used to curate a gift quite easily. Use the bat to make a frame of your pictures and the ball can be used as a card. Hit the wicket with this out of the box gift ;P

2)A workaholic

A workaholic partners do not do the one thing every Srilankan mom scolds their five year olds about, any guesses? No? IT’S EAT YOUR FOOD. For a workaholic get personalized brownies that say Take it easy, Take a breather etc. Or if you have an eater you can get them a personalized book or card holder.

3)A Romancer

A romantic partner always appreciates romantic gifts that show the LOVEE. You can give them an explosion box and caption it as – When I see you; my heart explodes into a million pieces or a personalized watch and captions it as – Time flies by when I am with you. You could always do something kinky too; it will go a long way.

4)A Basketball/ Rugby Fanatic

Get a T-shirt of their team, a phone cover and cookies in the shape of the equipment. If your wallet is more flexible you could always get them a string Art Frame.

5)The Work-o-maniac

A gift box with the workout vest, a dumbbell isotonic, a protein shake bottle and some protein bars would be the perfect gift. It shows your support and respect in their dedication to their bodies.

Shout out to all those out there, who go above and beyond in getting the perfect gift for their special mister. However, we at Gift-tique are equipped to help you out with these unique personalized gifts!