Ladies at Gift-tique

Who We Are ?

Gift-tique was founded to serve as a virtual gift boutique to send presents to loved ones on special occasions. The necessity for founding the startup came from the unavailability of a business that can be a virtual pop up store for home based businesses that sell personalized and unique items. It also focuses on being a marketplace for sellers that do not have the expertise or marketing budget to make their presence known. Gift-tique will have a shop of its own on the website along with various other vendors, each gift will possess its own individuality as per requirements of the customer delivered to their doorstep. We love to consider ourselves as the bridge that connects the customers to sellers that are beyond their reach.


Ladies at Gift-tique

Hey everyone! My name is Sheikha Hanna Rahman, and I own Art Mode, a place to customize canvas paintings and quotes.

Sheikha Hanna Rahman

I’ve had a passion for lettering ever since I was a kid, and maintained a book of songs or pinterest quotes. Straight after finishing high school, I decided to make this a legit business and here I am!

Books that gripped my heart, songs, movies… anything that had a message to inspire and believe in. 

The fact about the society’s opinion on females becoming entrepreneurs. Society’s words have nothing to offer except solid criticism,  but I’ve learnt to take in and make it constructive. 

By believing in myself. I vowed to not base myself on other people’s opinions and work hard to bring my goals to light,  and I’m really proud of coming this far in the business. 

Giftique offered me a spot as a vendor in their online website,  and I decided to give it a go. I’m happy to say that’s one of the best decisions I’ve made:Joining Giftique. 

Giftique is an AMAZING way of expanding your business and focusing yourself to become the ultimate entrepreneur. Giftique has an amazing set of team people too, who are really cooperative and offer the best from the platform. Thank you for that 

I’m a daughter, a 19+ year old college student, who is ready to reach new heights in future!

Aamina Nizar

The story is quite simple,I started thinking about this crazy idea just to earn something with my own effort.I wanted to find something i loved but also allowed me to do from home at my own convenient time.

Something handmade with little effort and love would make your special one’s fee more special and happy that inspired mw to start on this bussiness page.

As a female entrepreneur it has been very challenging to maintain business with studies and coping with a fear of failure finding ways to devote time for both is key to truly achieving.And it has been a very tough competition to be in this field among more of many other fast moving instagram pages.

I knew that even if i don’t see positive impression among this competitive feild working for yourself probably always allow more freedom than working for someone else.

I came across Gift-tique through instagram they offered me an opportunity to take part in their platform as a vendor and thats one of the biggest success in my bussiness.

Gift-tique is really a needed platform to reach out audience and it is very convenient to fullfill all our gift needs in onespot.I wish all the very best and good luck for the team for their fast growing throughout the island and world wide.

I’m Miss.Aamina Nizar Founder of @crafts._lanka. Our aim is to simply brighten up your loved ones with specialized handmade unique gift items and party decoration with reasonable price range and customer satisfaction.